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再び… Again 2019 H190W3700D300cm


The underlying theme of my works is the sound you feel when you see something. When a certain emotion springs up in my mind during an encounter with a certain space at a certain time, I put a name to that emotion and drop the name into the waters of my imagination. My work captures the imaginary movement of the water that is connected to the said space. In my view, water has no beginning or ending, as it is present in everything and continues to exist forever. The water's movements may change, depending on my emotions and passions. Nevertheless, I always aspire to create a form that eternally rings out the sound of the name, which is derived from a certain scene of a certain space dropping into the eternal water. My works are often called castings, but they are in fact made of stainless-steel plates that are cut out and welded together to create forms. Detailed expressions, such as ripples, are created by beating the plate. As a finish, I polish the surfaces of certain faces, including even the welded parts. Although stainless steel is an extremely hard material, and thus not easy to handle, I still find it suitable for my themes.


2025 .1.8~1.23 solo exhibition (いりやギャラリー)



2018.2 公式WEBサイトOPEN

金 景 暋


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